The Big Plastic Count Week is over! Thousands of people across the UK took part in the biggest ever investigation into household plastic waste.

The deadline for submitting findings is 31 May, submit your results now!

Submit your data
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What's happening next?

We’re going to spend some time crunching all the data that’s been collected, and the in mid-July we’ll be revealing the national results! As well as an action plan for what needs to happen next. Keep your eyes peeled.

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How it works

Taking part is easy – there are 3 simple steps:


Sign up now

We’ll send you a free pack with everything you need (on recycled paper and plastic-free of course!)

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Get counting

Join thousands across the UK and tally all the plastic packaging you throw away for one week – 16-22 May. Then submit your results on our simple website.

Get counting

Know your plastic

We’ll give you a personal plastic footprint and reveal what really happens to plastic when it leaves your home. Once all the results are in, we’ll share the national picture, and the next steps on pushing the government into action.

Know your plastic


School class

We've created a teacher's pack and free resources, including classroom-based activities and a PowerPoint lesson for 9-12 years. We'd love your local school to get involved!

We know that teachers have a lot on their plate so schools can do The Big Plastic Count in any week that suits them. The only thing to remember is that data submission closes on the 31st May.

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What if we use a lot of plastic?

Please remember, this isn't about feeling guilty about the amount of plastic you use! Too much single-use plastic is produced and there aren't reusable alternatives that suit everyone's needs.

What if a few items get skipped, or we miss a day?

If everyone does 7 whole days we get better data and stronger evidence. But if you miss something, don't worry…

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Having counted my plastic waste for an entire year, I know how powerful this investigation can be in helping to understand the true extent of the plastic problem. The Big Plastic Count is a simple yet impactful way to discover your household plastic footprint, whilst contributing vital evidence to push the government for long overdue change.

Picture of Daniel Webb

Daniel Webb

Founder Everyday Plastic

It’s ridiculous that we’re still swamped with plastic waste when it makes so many of us furious. The natural world can’t cope with it, and we need to find out what’s really happening to plastic that’s supposedly recycled. That’s why I’ll be joining the Big Plastic Count - let’s do this!

Picture of Chris Packham

Chris Packham

Wildlife TV presenter & conservationist

Everything on Planet Earth is connected so if we don’t drastically lower or eradicate our use of single-use plastics they will pollute the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. I am getting involved in The Big Plastic Count because I know as individuals we can make a difference and I want to be part of the change I long to see.

Picture of Bonnie Wright

Bonnie Wright

Actor and Director

Consequences of the plastic crisis are disproportionately felt by poorer communities and communities of colour. We must bring an end to this injustice. Let’s push the government to take ambitious action on plastic - join The Big Plastic Count now!

Picture of Maja Darlington

Maja Darlington

Greenpeace Campaigner

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